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Residential Teaching Fellows

We are no longer accepting counselor applications for 2018. Applications were due Friday, March 30th, 2018.

Information for Prospective Residential Teaching Fellows for summer 2019

Residential Teaching Fellows are an essential component of the Exploring Transfer Program. They provide support in academic coursework and residential life, acting as advocates for Exploring Transfer students. Fellows contribute to this success in two ways: by enriching the quality of the students’ lives in and out of the classroom and by acting as liaisons between students and faculty.

Both tasks are important and interdependent. The first involves the exercise of responsibilities devoted primarily to facilitating the students’ successful passage through the program, while the second requires active and regular communication and feedback between faculty and staff, as well as the students in the program. As those in closest contact with the students, the fellows are the eyes and ears of the program. From their vantage points (in the classroom, dormitory and dining hall), the fellows have a unique perspective on the program, and therefore occupy the best position from which to monitor and assess the quality of the students’ experiences.

This position is a demanding, but rewarding experience. As fellows respond to the various needs specific to community college students, the fellows are required to demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills. In their advisory capacity, counselors will often face issues for which a prompt and creative solution is required. Typically these issues are performance-related and stem from difficulties students face as they navigate the various intellectual, cultural and emotional challenges of the program. The fellows must, therefore, possess intellectual as well as emotional maturity.