Exploring Transfer, June 24 - July 29, 2016

Applications for Exploring Transfer are accepted online only.  The application for 2016 can be found here.

Applications will be due no later than March 4, 2016.

About the Exploring Transfer Program

For thirty years, the Exploring Transfer (ET) program at Vassar College has successfully introduced community college students to the possibilities of transfer to a wide range of four-year colleges and universities. ET students, all of whom are drawn from populations underrepresented in higher education and all of whom are first generation to college, have gone on to complete bachelors degrees at most of the units of the State University of New York and the City University of New York; our students have also transferred and flourished at private selective universities such as Yale and Columbia and colleges such as Smith, Middlebury, and Vassar. We believe that of the over 1000 students who have participated in Exploring Transfer, over 80% have transferred to four-year institutions, including more than 95 to Vassar. At least five ET participants have gone on to PhD programs; one is a practicing physician and many are lawyers and public school teachers. 

Exploring Transfer is designed to provide an introduction to the intensive study of the liberal arts to community college students who are pursuing associate degrees or certificates in vocational, liberal arts, or science programs. Indeed, most of our students come to the program with the kinds of vocational goals encouraged by community college admissions; it is our purpose to show them that there is a world of other possibilities available to them.

Each summer Exploring Transfer offers three specially designed courses, each taught by a Vassar and a community college professor. Each of these courses, which are usually interdisciplinary in focus, carry one unit of Vassar credit and match the expectations for 100 level courses during the regular year. Students live in one of the residence halls where they are encouraged by program counselors to form a learning cohort to promote intellectual sharing and to provide mutual academic and personal support.

Each accepted student receives a scholarship to the Exploring Transfer Program that covers completely their tuition, room, board, books, and all other supplies. 

Interested in the Exploring Transfer Program?

For information, students at the following Community Colleges can contact the coordinators:

Borough of Manhattan
Bill Roane (wroane@bmcc.cuny.edu)

Bunker Hill
Wick Sloane (wicksloane@bhcc.mass.edu)

Central Maine
Elizabeth Oken - (eoken@cmcc.edu)

Joe Allen (allen@sunydutchess.edu)

Eastern Maine
Elizabeth Worden (eworden@emcc.edu)

Kennebec Valley
Lori Conway (lconway@kvcc.me.edu)

Reza Fakhari (reza.fakhari@kbcc.cuny.edu) and Rick Repetti (rrepetti@kbcc.cuny.edu)

Bart Grachan (bgrachan@lagcc.cuny.edu)

Los Angeles
Hector Plotquin (plotquin@lacitycollege.edu)

Northern Maine
Johna Lovely (njlovely@nmcc.edu)

Southern Maine
Sharon Bannon (sbannon@smccme.edu)

SUNY Orange
Anthony Scalia (anthony.scalia@sunyorange.edu)

SUNY Ulster
Crystal Schachter (schachtc@sunyulster.edu)

Washington County 
Pamela Feeney (pfeeney@wccc.me.edu)

Robin Graff (robin.graff@sunywcc.edu)

Other interested students, please contact us directly.